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A Question of Balance

By Nonfiction

Remember learning to ride a bike? Going fast was scary, but going slow meant falling. Little by little, we all learned that moving forward meant balance and balance meant moving forward. Once we had that, we had freedom (or at least the ability to do cool jumps).

Like riding a bike, the only way to create what’s next is through balance. We need balance between the audacious and the intelligent to make bold ideas work. We need balance between the sustainable and the smart to make brave ideas last.

By the same token, moving ahead haphazardly and without balance doesn’t work. Organizations that use more resources than they have end up hurting themselves and the world. Companies that act but don’t think can easily end up in the wrong place. That takes a lot more effort to undo before any real forward movement can be made.

We’re optimists. We believe that what we do makes tomorrow better a little bit at a time. But what we do requires balance.

Between what’s possible and what’s not. Between the left brain and the right brain. Between instinct and logic. What we do today determines the future we get. It’s the only way forward.